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Three’s Company parallels | Janet using a ladle as a weapon

Day 03:Gaming/Watching a Movie


Collab with joyces-little-fangirl. It’s a two-parter for her pictures! Part 1 Part 2

Series: Three’s Company

Pairing: Jack/Janet

Rating: G

Word Count: 824

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|❤ 30 Day OTP Challenge (w/ndsderpsters): JackET- Day 3: Playing Video Games/Watching T.V.

(Look at the written one here! :3)

Part One

C’mon, Jack, step up your Super Mario Bros game

Part one for now, part two will be the second part of the prompt, Watching T.V.

There’s just something about a little friendly competition at 3 A.M. that screams “OTP” X3   {full size}


Happy 66th, Beau Bridges. 

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“You can run from love, you can run from war, you can run from the cop on the beat. You can run from danger, you can run from a stranger, but you can’t run away from your feet."

— Chrissy Snow (via merrymalady)


Three’s Company



Men find Jack dressed in drag very attractive ;)

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